To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?

To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate...that is the question!

I had always religiously had my dogs vaccinated every year of their lives, including some lovely kennel cough drops up their nose (safe to say they have never been very pleased with this). Upon taking my Holistic Health certificate, I starting doing research into the vaccinations we give our dogs, what exactly is in them and why they need them. The results were quite eye opening. I do believe it all narrows down to one key point. Money! Large pharmaceutical companies are simply raking in the cash from selling these products to Veterinary Companies all over the world. Certain ingrediants found in vaccines have no place being there, such as Aluminium and 'unclean' contaminants that are responsible for most of the adverse reactions in dogs. So why do we vaccinate our dogs? Most dog owners have gone through the horror of hearing your poor fur baby squeal through those 2 lots of injections needed before your new puppy can go out and about and socialise with other canines. Granted, yes, they need these to build up an immunity to diseases in the world, same as human babies. But how many babies go back every year for a top up? None. So this leads me to the question of are vaccinations really necessary? I want to keep my dogs happy and healthy as any dog owner would but not at the cost of them quite frankly, being under the weather after having their yearly chemical induced cocktail. But, since I wasn't quite ready to stop 'protecting' Lola and Tinkerbell from the outside world, I decided on  different alternative route. These are called 'Nosodes'. Nosodes are a holistic preventative measure against all the diseases that vaccines protect against but without the nasty chemicals or painful injection. Nosodes are administered orally in tablet form or in liquid form. I use the tablets. There are no reports of any side effects and they are incredibly cost effective at approximately £6 for 60 capsules (as with everything, the internet goes into a frenzy with everyone giving their opinion so you all must do what you feel is best for your dogs). After speaking to my Vets, they expressed no concern with my decision. Having met various people who use this form of alternative treatment, I heard nothing but positive feedback. So I was sold! Lola & Tinkerbell are both incredibly healthy dogs and they both have a clean bill of health. No more vaccinations for my poochies!