Dog Training & Behaviour

Welcome to the Poochadise Charm School, where Canine manners matter!

The Charm School is a Dog Training Service operating 1-2-1 training sessions in & around Ferndown (mileage charges may apply for locations outside the BH22 postcode calculated at 50p per mile).

Kat agrees with positive reinforcement with reward based training and does not teach negative, cruel and hurtful training methods. Alpha rolls and dominance based training should remain in the dark ages. These methods are not necessary and can leave your dog with emotional and psychological damage.

Many people are quick to label their dog 'a problem' because the dog 'will not do as it's told' or he/she is trying to be 'alpha of your family'. Most of these cases are simply because the owners are not communicating clearly what they expect of their dog so the dog then gets confused and everyone gets frustrated. In other cases, training may have moved forward too quickly and the new behaviours had not yet sunk into the dog or maybe you've been given poor advice based on the old debunked 'wolf pack theory' and the bond between yourself and your dog needs restoring.

Kat works closely with you and your dog(s) to help make training fun and enjoyable for everyone involved!

Never be scared to ask for help and advice. You have not failed as an owner, you are taking steps to make things right and for this, I salute you! 

So what is the difference between Training and Behaviour?

Training is teaching something new such as basic skills, simple behaviour modifications and obedience. Behaviour covers more complex issues including fear aggression, severe anxieties, compulsive disorders and problamatic behaviours. Before any behaviour assessments are completed, the client must obtain a clean bill of health from their vet so a pain factor causing the behavioural changes in the dog can be ruled out.

Kat completed her Dog Training Diploma with The Centre of Excellence achieveing a Distinction. Being an online course, Kat has focused on gaining practical experience leading up to the launch of The Charm School. Kat is also lucky enough to work with such incredible dogs day in and day out, each with their own behavioural quirks-nothing shocks her! Kat is a listed Dog Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers and is always eager to learn more to better help her clients, studying inside and outside of working hours. Kat qualified as a Behaviourist after studying a Level 4 Advanced Canine Behavour Diploma (PETbc Accredited) for two years with The British College of Canine Studies. Please browse through what The Charm School can help you and your dog(s) with and do not hesitate to get in contact with Kat to discuss your requirements.

Please note that Kat will not issue any advice over the phone or via email for new clients without having first met your dog(s).

There is no magic wand for Training, it takes hard work and persistance!

What can the Poochadise Charm School help with?

Sit, Stay, Down.

Loose Leash Walking.

Resource Guarding.


Leave & Wait.

House Breaking You New Puppy/Dog (toilet training)

Crate Training.

Stop Jumping Up.

Combatting Seperation Anxiety.

Excessive Barking-Why Does My Dog Do This?

Preparing For Your New Puppy-Puppy Proofing Your Home!

Understanding Your Dogs Body Language.

How to Stop Play Biting.


Anti-social Behaviour.

Behavioural Issues.


Please note that payment is due at the time of booking to secure your place.

If no payment has been recieved within 24 hours, your appointment slot will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Appointments are limited.

The fee is refundable or transferrable if the client cancels the session with a minimum of 48 hours notice.


-First Initial Consultation & Session (Up to 1.5 hours)


-1 hour sessions (Available after the first initial consultation & session)


-Puppy Preparation Visit (75 minutes)


Preparing for your first puppy and unsure where to start? Kat also offers human training sessions, full of tips and advice on how to give your puppy the best start! Kat will come to your house and go through the best ways and different options on how to puppy proof your home in preparation for the new arrival!


-First Consultation/Session (Up to 3 hours)


This fee includes the behaviourist report for you and a copy sent to your vet. It also includes 6 months of free over the phone advice for your dog following your appointment.

A £75 deposit is payable at the time of booking to secure your place. The remaining amount is due on the day of your appointment. The deposit is refundable or the appointment can be moved with a minimum of 48 hours notice.

-Follow Up Appointment (1 hour)



£25 for 30 minutes (minimum charge)

£35 for 60 minutes